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January 14:


November 26:

We, and the whole cultural sector, did everything in order to create the safest possible space for events. Unfortunately this wasn't enough according to our government as they announced a complete ban on events. This ban starts today, 26th of November, and will last up to and including the 18th of December. All events during this period will be rescheduled to a new date, all tickets will remain valid for the new date. We kindly ask you to have some patience while we find a new date.

We are full with disbelief and sadness, once again the cultural sector takes a hard hit. Once again we get muted. Once again the lights stay off and our doors have to remain closed, but we'll come back stronger!

It were 6 lovely weeks, thank you beautiful clubgo-ers! 

Please follow the guidelines and stay safe, we shall be reunited on our dance floor soon again. 

Music conquers everything!



Q: What does this Covid-19 virus situation mean for Complex Maastricht? 

A:Our organization faces the greatest challenge since its inception. The government prohibited all events till due to the Covid-19 situation. That means we as a club need to find new dates for all events. With the tight schedules all artists have these days it is really hard to accomplish this assignment but we are doing our utmost best.

Q: Do I need to get tested if I am already vaccinated? 

A: No, that is not necessary. If you have been vaccinated, you can receive a proof of vaccination via the CoronaCheck app or via and you'll have a valid COVID Certificate. Please note! For tourists from outside the EU you must still be tested, even if you are vaccinated, to access an event. You can only use the vaccination certificate to enter the Netherlands and not to visit our club.

For more information, visit the website of the Dutch Government.

Q: How far in advance should I get tested? 

A: The test result is valid for 24 hours, so you must get tested within 24 hours prior to the activity or event. You can get tested up until two hours before the start of the activity/event. To minimize risk, we recommend that you get tested as close to the starting time of the activity/event as possible.

Q: How much does it cost to get a test? 

A: The cost of the access test is currently paid for by the central government. With this, there is no cost to you as a visitor.

Q: How long will it take to get my results? 

A: In principle, you will receive the results within two hours. Sometimes it can take a little longer. Keep an eye on your spam folder. Did you not receive the results? Then contact the helpdesk via 088-7770809. Testing for Entry is not liable for late test results. You will receive a notification from Testing for Entry (Testen voor Toegang) that your test result is available.

Q: My test result is positive. Now what? 

If you test positive, you will not be given a COVID Certificate and therefore will not be allowed to enter the event. Follow the guidelines of the Dutch government immediately. The test provider reports your result to the Municipal Health Services (GGD). The GGD calls you for the source and contact investigation. You do not have to call the GGD or do any additional testing. Please note A proof of recovery is currently only available with a positive test result from the the Municipal Health Services (GGD).

Q: What if I get infected during an activity/event? 

A: Participation in the activities or events for which you need a valid COVID admission ticket is at your own risk. More information on the measures you should take if you develop symptoms can be found on the Dutch government's  website.

Q: Can I get a refund if I can’t be there on the rescheduled date?

A: We work together with a network of freelancers and small companies, from artists to stage builders, who have incurred the costs for the coming months. If you cannot be there on the rescheduled date you can put your ticket on ticketswap, but you can't get a refund from Complex.

Opening hours

Friday - Saturday*
*now and then on Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Sunday (depends on which event or artist is booked). 

Regular 18:00 - 00:00*
*now and then 19:00 - 00:00 (see timetable of event)

Check upcoming events:

The minimum age is 18. It's absolutely important that you can show a valid ID. 

Fine food & drinks before or during the party? Check our hide-out situated next to the club.
European kitchen open from 12:00h - 22:00h open from Wednesday till Sunday. Monday and Tuesday closed.

Lost and Found

Due to new regulations lost & found items wont be kept at Complex anymore. Everything will be brought to the City Hall, please visit their website ( and check if your item has been turned in. Phone number of City Hall is: 14043

General Visitor Conditions


  1. 1 These General Visitor Terms and Conditions apply to every offer from and to every agreement concluded between Complex BV (registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Maastricht under Chamber of Commerce number 65641566) and the person who (hereinafter referred to as: the “customer”) orders/buys an admission ticket for an event organized by Complex. These general terms and conditions also apply if this agreement is concluded through an (official) sales or pre-sales organization engaged by the company for the event concerned (hereinafter referred to as: “sales channels"). In addition, these General Visitor Conditions apply to everyone who attends any event in the building or on the site, without the person concerned having concluded a direct or indirect agreement with the company.

    1.2 In these general terms and conditions, an event is understood to be 'a (music) performances and/or other manifestations in the broadest sense of the word'.  

      1.3 In these General Visitor Terms and Conditions, the place where the event is held means the actual location of the event as well as all grounds, spaces, fields, etc. around it, which form part of the complex in which the event takes place.      

      1.4 The applicability of any general terms and conditions of the customer is expressly rejected.


      2.1 All offers, (program) announcements, communications or otherwise provided information and quotations by Complex BV or by third parties are without obligation and Complex is not obliged to sell an admission ticket to a customer.          

      2.2 The agreement between Complex and the customer is concluded when the customer buys an admission ticket for the event at Complex or a presale channel.          

      2.3 An admission ticket may consist of a physical or digital document provided by or on behalf of Complex, provided with a digital code that can be read by a scanner. The digital code is a unique code.           

      2.4 The admission ticket is issued once and gives access to one person.         

      2.5 The admission tickets are and remain the property of Complex. A valid admission ticket entitles the holder to attend the event. Only the holder of the admission ticket who first shows the admission ticket at the start of the event will be granted access. Complex may assume that the holder of this admission ticket is also the person entitled to it (also know as the customer). Complex is not obliged to carry out further checks with regard to validity of the admission tickets. The customer must ensure that they become and remain the holder of the admission ticket issued by Complex.          

      2.6 From the moment the admission ticket is made available to the customer, the customer therefore bears the risk of loss, theft, damage or misuse of the admission ticket. The customer receives the admission ticket from Complex or the sales channels in such condition that the company is able to easily check its authenticity/validity. The customer is obliged to show the admission ticket to Complex in the same condition prior to the event, when asked. If the ticket can no longer be checked for authenticity/validity, for example due to damage, Complex has the right to refuse access.           

      2.7 Only purchase through Complex guarantees the validity of the admission ticket. Any complications with regard to the purchase from a sales channel rests with the sales channel or the customer.

      2.8 The admission ticket consisting of a physical or digital document provided with a digital code that can be read by a scanner, among other things, is provided to the customer via electronic communication. If the customer has received the admission ticket in this way, the customer must ensure that this admission ticket can be provided via electronic communication and that it can be provided in a secure manner. Complex cannot guarantee the confidentiality of the issued admission ticket or the receipt of the admission ticket.           

      2.9 Complex reserves the right to set a maximum to the number of tickets to be ordered per customer, and the customer is then obliged to adhere to the maximum set by the company.          

      2.10 The company or the sales channels are entitled to charge the customer a fee on top of the price for the admission ticket to cover the costs involved in the conclusion of the agreement (hereinafter: service costs). Service costs are never eligible for a refund.        


      3.1 The customer is obliged to keep the admission ticket for an event to himself and may therefore not resell it, offer it for sale or provide it for commercial purposes.           

      3.2 The customer may not in any way advertise or make any (other) form of publicity in connection with the event and/or a part.  If this is done with the intention to sell or resell the admission ticket. Complex's judgment that the intention is to sell or resell is binding.           

      3.3 The customer may make his admission ticket available to third parties free of charge. Provided this is not in the context of commercial purposes and he fulfills the obligations imposed on him as a customer, as set out in these General Visitor Conditions, including the prohibition of resale to the person whom he makes the admission ticket available and guarantees Complex that this person complies with the General Visitor Conditions as well.           

      3.4 If the customer does not comply with one or more of his obligations, as stated in the previous paragraphs of this article, and/or breaches the warranty, the customer will be charged an immediately payable fine of €10,000,- per violation (per admission ticket) to Complex and a fine of €5,000,- for each day that the violation has continued and continues. Without prejudice to Complex's right to ask compliance and/or (instead of the fine) compensation of the suffered or to claim damage still to be suffered, from the customer.           

      3.5 An admission ticket that has been/will be resold and/or is used for commercial purposes can be invalidated by Complex. An invalidated admission ticket does not give the right to access the event, without the customer and/or the holder being entitled to a refund and/or compensation.          


      4.1 The customer is obliged to identify himself upon first request, both during the visit to the event and when ordering the admission ticket, in order to enable Complex, among other things, to comply with its legal obligations in the context of events. Including the obligation of not providing alcohol to persons under the age of 18. See 'House rules'.             

      4.2 Unless organized otherwise by Complex, the customer must be in possession of a valid and undamaged admission ticket both before the start and during the event and as long as he is at the place where the event is being held. He is obliged to show his admission ticket on request to the order staff and other authorized persons of where the event is being held.           

      4.3 The customer is obliged, if requested, to cooperate in a body search (including any hand luggage carried) when visiting the event.          

      4.4 During the stay of the customer in Complex, the customer must behave in accordance with the house rules of Complex. The customer is obliged to comply with the regulations and/or instructions of the officials designated for this purpose by Complex, the order staff, the fire brigade and other authorized persons.             


      5.1 In case of violation by the customer on one or more of the provisions as mentioned in these General Visitor Conditions, the customer is in violation of law. Complex is entitled to dissolve the purchase with immediate effect and without judicial intervention. and/or can refuse the customer (further) access to the event, for example by invalidating the admission ticket. In the situation(s) referred to in the previous sentence, the customer is not entitled to a refund of the amount that he paid for the admission ticket (including service costs) and/or other compensation. An invalidated admission ticket does not entitle (anymore) to access to the event. Holders of invalidated tickets are not entitled to any refund or compensation in any other way by Complex.           

      5.2 Complex is entitled to deny acces for a definite period of time to the customer, who during one or more previous visits to the location where the event is organized, has violated the rules of these General Visitor Conditions or house rules, or if there is any other justified fear of damage by the customer. Complex reserves the right to deny the customer (further) access to the event or to remove it from the place where the event takes place if the company deems this reasonably necessary to maintain peace and order during the event.           

      5.3 If it is plausible that the admission ticket has been falsified, Complex is entitled to refuse the holder of this admission ticket (further) access to the event and to make the admission ticket invalid, without the customer or this holder being able to claim any damage he may suffer as a result.           

      5.4 The artist, the organizer who has rented the location from Complex, and/or Complex are entitled to make video and/or sound recording of the event and the place where this takes place, including the public, as well as to make it public. People who appear in the recordings already give permission for this by attending the event, without being entitled to any compensation.           

      5.5 Complex is entitled to (regular) hours to adapt to occasional exercises in the context of the emergency services (Article 23 Working Conditions Act) or, in the case of an emergency, that Complex deemed necessary, the total or partial evacuation of the place where the event takes place. Such an adjustment of the (regular) opening time does not entitle the customer to a refund of any admission price paid and/or compensation.         

      5.6 There is camera surveillance at the place where the event is organized. Camera images are stored for a period of time to be determined by Complex and are made available to the police if necessary.          

      5.7 Complex has the right to refuse a customer access to attend the event, without the right to a refund of the paid money and/or compensation, if this is indicated in the opinion of Complex with a view to maintaining order and peace. Even if it occurs after the start of the event.


      6.1 Force majeure in these General Visitor Conditions means, in addition to what is understood in this regard in law and jurisprudence, all external causes foreseen or not foreseen, on which the company cannot exert influence, but as a result of which the company is unable to fulfill its obligations. Among other things, force majeure is understood to mean: nuisance, inconvenience and/or unlawful acts caused by third parties, including other visitors and/or performing artists, due to maintenance work, due to the improper functioning of facilities, due to the presence of persons and/or objects obscuring the view, by simultaneous events, and/or by the allocation and distribution of standing or seating. Errors made by third parties in, for example, announcements and/or quotations with regard to the event, also fall under force majeure. In case of force majeure there is no right to a refund and/or compensation.          

      6.2 In the event of force majeure in the broadest sense of the word, including in this context illness and/or cancellation of the artist(s), strikes, fire, closure by the government, bad weather conditions, etc. Complex has the right to postpone the event to a later date or cancel the event.           

      6.3 If the event is canceled by Complex due to or in connection with force majeure before it has started, Complex will be obliged to offer the customer a new date for the same event or give the customer the option to choose from an equivalent event from and in Complex. If an event has to be canceled due to or in connection with force majeure after it has started, Complex will be obliged to offer a replacement event of its choice.  

      6.4 If the event is postponed by Complex as a result of or in connection with force majeure, the admission ticket will remain valid for the new date on which the event will take place. If the customer cannot or does not want to visit the event on the new date, he is entitled to exchange his admission ticket for a new admission ticket for an equivalent, different event from and in Complex.


      7.1 Entering the place where the event takes place and attending the event is done by the customer at his own risk, in the sense that the company is not liable for damage caused by the said entry or attendance, including damage from hearing, vision -and other physical disorders and/or injuries- unless there is intent or deliberate recklessness on the part of Complex.           

      7.2 Complex is only liable for direct damage suffered by the customer that is the direct and exclusive result of a shortcoming attributable to Complex. However, if the damage for which the company is insured is eligible, it is in that case only up to the amount that is compensated by the insurer. Complex 's liability is excluded (and is therefore not eligible for compensation):          

      1. Damage as a result of the actions of third parties, including tenants of (spaces in or parts of) the place where the event takes place and the persons engaged by these third parties.
      2. Damage as a result of non-compliance with instructions given by the officials of Complex and of non-compliance with the house rules.
        • Complex will strive for the program to be carried out as much as possible according to the announced timetable. However, it is not liable for deviations therein and for (possible) damage that may arise as a result for the customer and/or third parties.
        • Complex is furthermore not liable for the content and the manner (quality) of execution of the program of the event, explicitly including the length of the program. Complex is also not liable for changes in the program of an event.
        • Complex is also not liable for damage to the customer caused by loss or damage to the admission ticket.


      8.1 The use of the wardrobe is at the user's own risk. Title 9 of Book 7 Civil Code regarding “safekeeping” does not apply to agreements between Complex and users of the wardrobe.          

      8.2 Complex has the right to refuse delivery of objects in the wardrobe, including objects of an excessive size in Complex's sole opinion. A fixed price is charged for the use of the company's lockers. Except in bags, there must be no objects in it.           

      8.3 One receipt in the form of a locker key is issued per item delivered.          

      8.4 Complex does not want to enter into a custody agreement for objects (including their content) with a (total) value higher than € 200,-. Objects (including their content) with a (total) value higher than €200,- may not be left at the cloakroom. The person who uses the wardrobe guarantees that the value of an object to be returned does not exceed €200,- and cannot and will not hold Complex liable for loss or damage to an amount higher than €200,-.           

      8.5 The liability of Complex is at all times limited to €200,- for each object (including contents) delivered to the wardrobe. Complex is not liable for damage other than damage to or in connection with the loss of an object itself, and therefore not for indirect and/or consequential damage.           

      8.6 The customer who places an object in the lockers indemnifies Complex against damage to the (content of) the object delivered.          

      8.7 Issued objects will be kept by the company exclusively for the duration of the event in question. The customer is obliged to collect objects stored in the lockers at Complex before leaving the location where the event is being held. When failing, the company has the right not to make a return. 

      8.8 In the event of loss of the receipt, Complex will make every effort, after closing time or the end of the event, to find the item in question. If no receipt can be presented, Complex is in no way liable for the consequences thereof.         


      9.1 Complex processes personal data of customers and visitors to its website(s) in accordance with its privacy statement and in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. See also the privacy regulations.            


      10.1 These General Terms and Conditions for Visitors and any agreement between the customer and Complex are governed by Dutch law.        

      10.2 All disputes that arise as a result of these General Visitor Conditions, the agreement between Complex and the customer or any agreement resulting therefrom, will be settled exclusively by the competent court in the Netherlands.