House Rules

Complex Maastricht

Fire safety regulations

Our fire instructions and evacuation plans are available for inspection. In case of fire, please do not panic and immediately inform staff and/or trigger the nearest fire alarm.


Any person who enters our premises agrees to the possibility of pictures being made of him/her for whatever necessary purpose.


If you visit our premises, you are obliged to purchase the consumptions we sell at our bars or kitchen. It is prohibited to bring and consume your own.


It is forbidden to take any of our properties outside of our premises. This includes rests of foods and drinks. In case of damage to our property you will be held accountable for any repair/replacement costs.


It is forbidden to take any form of glass outside of the premises.

Dealing in goods

Selling or receiving (stolen) goods in or around our premises is forbidden in any shape or form.


If you have any kind of complaint, please inform our managing staff. Also, please make sure to file your complaint directly after the reason for your complaint has taken place – if you fail to do so, your right of appeal will be dropped.


Please keep account of our dress code. This means: no shorts, sneakers, hats and/or any other items that do not fit our degree of formality.

Sexual Harassment

We have a zero tolerance policy with regards to sexual harassment.


Using or carrying any kind of weapon is strongly forbidden and will result in immediate removal from our premises.

Parking your vehicle/bicycle

Please park your vehicle/bicycle at the allocated places. There is a chance that we will remove wrongly parked vehicles/bicycles.

Groups of people

In case of threat we have the right to withhold entry to our premises to large groups of people.


Dealing, using or carrying drugs is strongly forbidden and will result in immediate removal from our premises.

Security check

In order to ensure optimal safety for our visitors, there is a possibility you will have to go through a security check. This can happen during entry, but also once you have already entered the premises.

Volume levels

Various areas in our premises produce volume levels above 85 DB(a). We do not take any responsibility for negative side effects to your hearing that might be caused by this, and would like to point out that entering these areas will be done at your own risk.