House Rules

Complex Maastricht

We welcome all people regardless of their nationality, gender or religion as long as they respect each other and our staff. 

There is no room for discrimination, sexual harassment, bigotry, violence or hatred of any kind in our club. We reserve the right to remove visitors from our club who do not abide by these rules.

If you see or experience any harassment or unwanted behaviour of any kind, please let our staff or security know immediately. Our employees are instructed to ensure the safety of our visitors.

Visitors must be 18 years or older. When in doubt, identification is required. If you do not have any identification on you, you may be denied entry.

Complex likes to see its visitors in characteristic clothing and considers it important that they feel free to wear whatever they want. However, football shirts, tracksuits and uniforms are not part of our dress code and can be a basis of refusal at the door.

In order to ensure optimal safety for our visitors, there is a possibility you will have to go through a security check. This can happen during entry, but also once you have already entered the premises.

Visitors who are visibly intoxicated will be denied entry.

Smoking inside our club is absolutely forbidden, visitors who smoke inside will be removed from our club. The smoking area is outside. 

Trafficking and possessing weapons or drugs is prohibited. The person in question will be reported to the police and any weapons or drugs found will be confiscated.

It is strictly forbidden to bring any liquids into the club.

If you visit our premises, you are obliged to purchase the consumptions we sell at our bars or kitchen. It is prohibited to bring and consume your own.

Our building is fitted with camera surveillance for your and our safety.

Any person who enters our premises agrees to the possibility of pictures being made of him/her for whatever necessary purpose.

In case of threat we have the right to withhold entry to our premises to large groups of people.

During regular club nights, our door is closed for door-sale and pre-sale tickets after 3:00, guestlist included.

Various areas in our premises produce volume levels above 85 DB(a). We do not take any responsibility for negative side effects to your hearing that might be caused by this, and would like to point out that entering these areas will be done at your own risk.

Complex is not responsible for items lost in the club. The use of our lockers is at your own risk. 

Slippers, sandals and bare feet are not allowed in the club, and can be a basis for refusal of entry.

It is forbidden to take any of our properties outside of our premises. This includes rests of foods and drinks. In case of damage to our property you will be held accountable for any repair/replacement costs.

Selling or receiving (stolen) goods in or around our premises is forbidden in any shape or form.

Please park your vehicle/bicycle at the allocated places. There is a chance that we will remove wrongly parked vehicles/bicycles.

Our fire instructions and evacuation plans are available for inspection. In case of fire, please do not panic and immediately inform staff and/or trigger the nearest fire alarm.

Please be considerate of our neighbours when leaving Complex.