/ 21 Jun

Remote Planet // Sailing the Solar Seas.

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Cosmos 1 was the first spacecraft powered by a solar sail. They say it never reached space to demonstrate its innovative design, but we know better than that...

Pirate of the Solar Seas Mick Save boarded the ship as soon as it left Earth's atmosphere. He and his crew took over the Cosmos 1 and have been scavanging the Milkyway ever since.

For once he's letting us all freely ride along, to enjoy the space pirate lifestyle. 21st of June, remember the date, aî?

● Mick Save (allnight)

○● Entrance is free

The minimum age is 18+. It's important you can show a valid ID. We will check for your and our safety on identification. If you don’t have your ID, access will be denied.

Remote Planet // Sailing the Solar Seas.

Time & Date

Friday, 21 June 2019

23:59 - 05:00