/ 09 Aug

Remote Planet // Intergalactic Zoo

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In space life dwells in all variaties and sizes. Whether it lives on a inhabitable asteroid, flies through space, is as big as a whale or as small as a tardigrade, the Galaxy is buzzing with life.

To discover the most mind-boggeling life forms, the Neimoidians recently opened a intergalactic zoo for all selfconcious lifeforms to wonder upon the creations that exist. Since it's still summer holiday, why not visit this interesting place? On the road, Haissem and Stashin will be playing some proper tunes to not get bored, cause this zoo is just a mere 123 lightyears away...

● Haissem
○ Stashin

○● Entrance is free

The minimum age is 18+. It's important you can show a valid ID. We will check for your and our safety on identification. If you don’t have your ID, access will be denied.

Remote Planet // Intergalactic Zoo

Time & Date

Friday, 09 August 2019

23:59 - 05:00