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Remote Planet // Omikron Ceti

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Omikron Ceti, or Mira, is a star in the Milkyway which is quite special. Not only does it move with a stunning 130km per second, but it leaves a comet-like tail that stretches behind his speedy ass for as far as 13 lightyears.

On the Intergalactic Tripadvisor it is reviewed as 'a must see within our familiar Galaxy'. As we never had the chance to visit this phenomenom before, we're set to intercept his course on the 3th of August. Our tourguide for this field-trip will be none less than Simun!


○● Entrance is free

The minimum age is 18+. It's important you can show a valid ID. We will check for your and our safety on identification. If you don’t have your ID, access will be denied.

Remote Planet // Omikron Ceti

Time & Date

Saturday, 03 August 2019

23:59 - 05:00