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Remote Planet // The Three Moons of Neptune

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Did anyone know that not one, but three moons orbit Neptune?
The planet, which is the furthest away from the Sun, is a cold and harsh place to reside. Only a few lifeforms know how to survive there.
One of them is the King of Ice, Rick Roblinski. Not often does he leave his planet to spread some ice ice baby amongst the stars.
But on the exact day his moons were discovere by us, he'll leave his home to honour his moons with an all night musical delight at our Remote Planet.

● Rick Roblinski (all night)

○● Entrance is free

The minimum age is 18+. It's important you can show a valid ID. We will check for your and our safety on identification. If you don’t have your ID, access will be denied.

Remote Planet // The Three Moons of Neptune

Time & Date

Friday, 02 August 2019

23:59 - 05:00